How did you first get interested in gaming, and when did you first realize you wanted to be a streamer?

I’ve always been gaming from the NES days and with several consoles up until I started on PC with Call of Duty in 2003. I’ve always gamed with friends and my friend Uleet was streaming on a site called Justin TV back in 2008. He convinced me to give it a try. I streamed on Justin TV as a hobby because I enjoyed gaming and sharing the joy of gaming with others. The first game I streamed was Gears of War 2. It wasn’t until a couple of months before H1Z1 came out in 2014 that I decided to pursue streaming as a career.
What is one thing you enjoy most about being a professional streamer, and what’s one of the most challenging things about it?

The part I enjoy most is being my own boss and continuing to work with what I appreciate the most, which is gaming. I love going to events and meeting everyone that I interact with when streaming. The job itself is like having this infinity couch that you just have friends grab a seat on and watch as you fail and succeed in a variety of games, and can even share laughter and personal moments with because you develop a strong community. October will mark my 9th year streaming in total. I’ve seen so many channels come and go because the challenge is to remain relevant in an industry that is ever growing, and balancing yourself personally.
What tips would you like to share with gamers that want to go professional?

If you’re really wanting to go “pro” in streaming, then you shouldn’t be streaming. The passion for gaming is what should be your driving force. Whether you have one viewer, or one thousand, you aren’t going anywhere if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing. I’ve learned in my time from it being a hobby to a full-time job that there’s no clear road to success in this industry. You can do everything right and still not get noticed. You’ve got to grind and be tenacious while hoping it works out. Persistence is key. At the end of the day, you have to accept the fact that you may not be the next big thing on Twitch, just be honest with yourself. The biggest tip I have is that you shouldn’t make a gimmick for your channel. There’s going to come a time where you’re tired of that shtick, and you’re going to lose a chunk of your audience because it becomes stale. So just be yourself, let people build a community with you because you’re being that true version of you.
What are a few technology “musts” that you recommend gamers/aspiring streamers to have in their arsenal?

You need a good quality microphone with a mixer. No one is going to want to sit through several hours of streaming and you sound like you’re talking through a Solo Cup. As for the PC, most aspiring startup streamers only have one PC. They’re going to need a strong video card and processor to maintain a quality stream with the ever progressing graphically intense games coming to the forefront.
What are some of your personal favorites right now when it comes to games? What are you excited about when it comes to the future of gaming?

Right now I don’t have a standout game to mention. I enjoy overall interacting with other streamers in the “BR” style games, the Action / Horror games like Friday the 13th and the role-play aspect that comes into play. In essence, the multi-play action I have when collaborating with other streamers, or my community, is what makes me hit “Start” in OBS each evening. For the future of gaming, I’m excited for virtual reality and the direction it’s going in. With the newest release of Resident Evil 7 showcasing the leaps and bounds the industry is making with VR, I’m excited for more titles to be on that platform. It will give me a chance to utilize my Syber PC more.