Built for the ultimate gaming exp nence, the Syber k1 has 100% anti-ghosting for precision and accuracy so that you never miss a keystroke even under the most extreme gaming conditions. Constructed with signature Syber quality, the custom Kontact ™ Blue Mechanical Key Switches give a light, tactile bump and satisfying click with every keystroke. Out of the box, Syber K1 dazzles with a vivid rainbow of colors, 9 dynamic lighting modes from fading to key-by-key, and 104 individually backlit keys - all with adjustable brightnes:
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The Syber logo on our gaming keyboard is designed to resemble the welcome lighting found in cars. This feature adds a unique touch to the keyboard and creates a welcoming atmosphere for gamers when they sit down to play.


The Syber K1 features an integrated palm rest that sets it apart from other gaming keyboards on the market. Not only does it add a unique touch to the design, but it also provides practical benefits for gamers who can play for extended periods without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.


Our team has taken great care in designing every element of the keyboard, from the key switches to the font used on the keycaps. We have meticulously tested and refined each component to ensure the highest level of performance and durability. The result is a keyboard that not only looks visually stunning, but also delivers a smooth and precise typing experience. Whether you're gaming or typing, the Syber K1 keyboard's attention to detail ensures that every keystroke is a satisfying one.


At Syber, we offer a range of four different switches - linear, clicky, tactile - to suit the preferences of every gamer. This allows users to customize their keyboard experience and choose the switch that works best for them.


RGB lighting is an essential feature of gaming keyboards, and the SYBER K1 is no exception. It supports up to 16 million RGB colors and individually backlit keys, complete with dynamic lighting effects that add a vibrant, eye-catching element to any gaming setup.


The Syber K1 boasts a unique structure that enhances both typing and gaming experiences. This innovative design ensures comfortable use during extended gaming sessions while providing a solid and sturdy base for intense gameplay. Whether for casual or professional gamers, the Syber K1 is built to support every aspect of the gaming experience.
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The top-tier team at Syber is here to deliver a high performance gaming PC build that is uniquely customized, according to your specifications. Every machine is tested for quality and benchmarked before leaving the factory. From the ground up, we ensure every computer is built with quality in mind and don’t cut corners. If our customers ever have problems with the machines we build, there’s a support line open to call and every computer is backed with a limited warranty. We look forward to delivering a world-class gaming experience you’ll enjoy for a long time.